Get clear on what you desire.

On Thursday June 10th the Seeing Beyond virtual workshop will help you to create a concrete representation of your desires and aspirations to help you live a compelling life. Plus, you'll get those creative juices flowing as you dream big and get EXCITED about your life!

At the Seeing Beyond virtual workshop, you'll learn how to...

  • Get CLEAR on where you are, where you want to be and what's getting in the way
  • Get CONFIDENT about setting boundaries and making decisions with powerful techniques that will shift your mindset from wanting to doing
  • Get CONSISTENT with taking actionable steps to go from your desire to your destination
  • Plus so much more...

Seeing Beyond is valued at $297 but this re-designed virtual edition will not cost you anywhere near that.

We have decided to offer this interactive workshop at a special price of just $7!

For more details, complete the form on this page to begin registration. 

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Our intention is rooted in a desire to connect and align others to their higher purpose, thereby creating a potential ripple effect on humanity.

Together we focus on being Real. Raw and Resilient. We believe in embracing life with Vulnerability, Compassion and Courage while remaining firmly Grounded in Grace.

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